Sunday, October 26

Talk about a Power Couple!

It didnt take long for me to get homesick and miss my boys terribly. I was ready to click my red heels and leave Kansas City and kiss my angels. Justin did a great job holding down the fort and Jackson assured me that it was "boys-only rules" while mom was out! After some RR and QT with my sweet babies, Justin and I put them in their jammies as they were excited to go to Aunt Weebles and Unc Chads (who apparently ALWAYS plays games and does fun stuff!
I just love this picture with my girls. The four of us are Winter Haven's version of the SATC characters, and certainly the city's socialites (truly, just ask us! haha) I just love them, and boy do we have some memories. But like Carrie Bradshaw, we never kiss and tell.

My friend, tennis buddy, and Grace mom Jennifer Myers and her husband, PJ, know how to throw a party and each year they do just that! The Halloween Spooktacular was the perfect unwind after a long trip. Did I mention how much I love Halloween? Costuming, nightlife, my birthday - yep, it's my favorite.

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The Newell Family said...

You guys look adorable! Happy Halloween!!!

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