Sunday, October 26

We're not in Kansas Anymore

I have the uniqe priveledge to have my dear friend Wendy Morris, also as my President Elect. The two of us, JLGWH-obsessed, supermoms kissed the husbands and kids & squealed as our plane took off for Kansas City on Thursday for the National Fall AJLI Leadership Conference. By Friday afternoon we were overwhelmed by the pages of notes and information, we had absorbed regarding more effective Board of Directors meetings, the future trends in volunteering, and the Associations new proposed vision that was somewhat controversial.

We were thrilled that our very own brain-child, our custom JLGWH Family Organizer was featured in the Boutique at this national convention, we were beaming with pride! Our last class of the conference was on social What an opportunity for learning and Wendy and I felt so proveledged to network with such great leaders from all over the nation (even the Mexico City League's President) and to be the representing delegates from our own League.

Our final class was about social networks and blogging (i was physched!). Many Presidents were not as savvy in regards to the social networks as Wendy and I (who btw were updating our Facebook status' on our blackberry). During the discovery session, we seemed to be the only league currently using a Blog as a consistent channel for communication, so the instructor pulled it up (at my subtle suggestion)!! My President's Blog was featured in the class and I was elated. You too can check out our league's blog at to see all of our wonderful community contributions.

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