Friday, November 7

vacationing on the islands!

On Thursday, mom, my sister and I left early to catch our plane for the Cayman Islands. A fun girls trip intended to secure housing and transportation for my sister and her husband, Chad, in preparation for their future residence here, when she starts medical school at St. Mathews. Sure, we saw the news... we saw the tropical depression, perhaps a little rain... but did not forsee this! Yikes!!!

After an attempt at a chaotic airport (aka warehouse with terminals) and panicked tourist, all the flights were of course cancelled. We are now on lockdown in our rooms at the Marriott Resort (which has been fabulous). They will be delivering rations to our rooms and we cannot leave for any reason. We decided a few movies and pedicures wouldn't be too bad and maybe hit the spa. Again, we were wrong. No spa, lockdown in rm #260! The armed security guards in the halls are a little freaky. We know we will loose power, and the storm is anticipated to hit between 7pm - 9pm. What memories! The winds are howling and our ocean view room has a great view of 10 foot waves. I can't even imagine what a CAT3 will bring. The surfers in Florida would be in paradise! So much for gorgeous beaches and mai tai's... I just hope it goes through quickly, I cannot be away from my boys for more than a few days. My heart already aches to hug and kiss them! (guys-here are the postcards i sent you yesterday, not sure if they will make it) xoxoxo lots to blog about in the days to come!

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