Sunday, November 9

Finally, we leave the hotel!

Yesterday we got the "all clear" from "his Excellency", the Governor, with the hurricane taking a last minute jog that spared us quite a bit of damage. We were thrilled to be able to leave the hotel and set off to find LuJean an apartment and explore the island. We rented an adorable PT convertable and decided that its tine she learn how to drive on the wrong side of the road. We explored the island, had lunch wih the loacls carribean side including cervache (a raw fish type salsa, not bad) and finally a G&T with lime!!! Limes aren't usually available here- ugh! Pictured is the leacture Hall of St. Mathews Medical School. Because many of the homes and business were still boarded up yesterday and a few down power lines, we were only able to see 2 apartments, one was truly a little tropical paradise. Very expensive here, our budget only allows for about 1200 CI (Cayman $) which translates to about $1500 USD. This affords you a sprawling 600-800 sq ft. The island is very small and real estate is precious!

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