Sunday, November 23

Grueling Shopping

Is this an oxymoron? Ugh, i do not like grocery shopping. Yes, the 2-kid-factor itensifies things by about 200%, but it is such a useless expenditure... all they do is eat it!?! I will admit though, as turkey day approaches, I do enjoy browsing the isle with recipie in hand, and finding that small (expensive-use-it-once-a-year) ingrediEnt and attempting something that sounds scrumptous in the cOok book. But who the heck has time, and PS... none of my attempts have ever topped my family's "top three" which includes; tacos, nachos, or chilli dogs. I promise those are an indulgence, and I do make a mean dijion salmon. While I agonized about our trip to the grocery store all morning, I did go after church (the boys have been pretty neglected after 3 days of the JL Merry Market event, and even the Chinese leftovers were gone). Luckily, this trip wasn't so insane, my toddler fell asleep! So you know what that means, too much time in the isles and too much money. Can you return dill weed? FYI, the Vive paper towels are a great temporary neck roll.

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