Saturday, December 27

5:30 am: "Guys, Santa came!!"

We were so exhausted and sleeping so soundly that we didnt even feel Jackson squirm out of bed and into the living room. He ran back into our room yelling and almost gave us a heart attack! Suprisingly, he was content enough for the moment to go back to sleey until the sun came up and we could get little Dane to see just what Santa's visit brought. Santa always leaves the boys a special note which of course I keep each year and this was the 1st year that Jackson could read the letter himself. What a moment that was... our morning was so magical.

Dane has earned a new nickname lately, "rainman". Our little artist just draws and draws, on the walls, the tile, paper, himself, anything he can. He of course loved his doodle pad.
He asked Santa for an alarm clock this year, so he could wake up like a big boy for school.
Aunt weeble was styling her adorable Cowboy Santa PJ's, compliments of Tiger Lily designs! She and Chad looked so adorable Christmas morning. Everyone comes over in the PJ's to watch the paper fly and boys sqeaul!

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