Saturday, December 27

Twas the Night Before Christmas ...

Our Stella girl is in heaven with all the extra little "toys" around to chew up!

With a tough economy Justin and I definatley were more conservative with our spending this year and had the Christmas eve panic attack that Jackson didn't really have many presents to open. While Dane is still at the age, that the boxes are as interesting as their contents, Jackson's gifts are more expensive so a PSP and a few games don'tmake for many packages. However, when Jackson yelled out that "I am the luckiest kid in the whole world" on Christmas morning, Justin and I just looked at each other and our holiday was complete!
We are so blessed with a generous loving family. Every Christmas Eric (Jackson's dad) and his fiance, Allison, come over early Christmas morning to share in the Santa experience. We all go in together on our little man's gifts, and it is so touching when I look over to see 2 dads simultaneously recording with the video cameras. It is definately a wonderful life!

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