Wednesday, December 31

Auld Lang Syne

Old days gone by. I can't say that part of me isn't ready to bid farewell to 2008. My family's business has suffered tremendously, and of course personal finances have become so burdensome and taken years off my life. I see greater worry in my husband's eyes and more gray hairs on my sweet mom's head. That said, our healthy children, family and friends are greater blessings than we deserve.

This past year has been short, chaotic, whole-hearted, thoughtful, hopeful, reflective, doubted, exciting, anxious, loving, generous, forgiving, amazing, spiritual, encouraging, off-balance and fullfilling.

My short life has not been without sweet and sour, and for that I am stronger. This was a year filled with personal growth opportunities for me in my professional world, as I learned about sacrifice and loyalty, my home life with a new 1st grader to learn about responsibilities and an infant transitioning to toddler demonstrating his very own personality and spirit. Also, my tender hearted young husband struggling with his golf deamons and being a part-time single father, while I serve the Junior League in a whole new capacity. My volunteerism with the JLGWH has been such an opportunity and learning experience this year. My heart has been replenished by the rewards of helping others and the friendships that have grown out of this experience have added so much to my life.

Most significant this year, above all those useless earthly concerns, was the peace and love we experienced as Justin and I continued our spiritual journey at Grace. After becoming members last year, we then resolved to re-direct our family's focus on our Heavenly Father and our family's life has been so enriched by our faith and worship of His love. Here is wishing you and yours a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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