Friday, January 2

Chillaxin NYE

After the chaos and whirlwind of the holidays, parties, company, little sleep and long to-do lists, Justin and I were elated to have a quiet evening at home cozied in with our favorite bottle of Moet and Chandon. Still a blue from my sister leaving, I just really wanted to curl up under the covers, and not have to put on a "happy face" for anyone (as my sister knows best, I can get really grouchy). We did just that and had the perfect night chillin and relaxin! We promised Jackson he could stay up to watch the ball drop, knowing he would never make it, and he was asleep in my lap by 10:30. That was right after our new neighbors treated us all to front row seats of a fireworks show that compared only to the professional one blasted by the city. The B's moved in a few months ago after we waited anxiously for the home to sell, hoping the neighbors would have young kids, were friendly, etc. You can imagine how excited we were to get another Grace family with 2 elementary aged boys!
Thanks for the fireworks show guys, it was awesome!

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