Friday, January 2

Email from the Islands

LuJean and Chad arrived and have begun making their way around and settling in to their new life. While she has made about 3 collect calls to mom and dad to confirm her arrival and such, the international calls are very expensive so thank God for email! Looks like she and "Chet" are already experiencing the luck of the islands. Can you imagine packing everything you own into 6 bags and leaving the country to start all over... she is a brave and dedicated student, friend, aunt, daughter and wife. I am so proud of them both! Here is her email from yesterday and some photos of her apartment that we took when we went down in Nov to find her place!

Hey family,
I am in Pams dorm and we are enjoying to AC and wireless internet. We are here and safe, we even took a break after lunch to ride down a long dirt road to one of the local beaches unknown to torist...more breath taking than you could ever imagine! Conch shells lined the surf that broke along a huge coral reef.
We were lucky enough to catch some tenants moving out of our apartment building and they GAVE us the internet modem!!!! So were just transfered the bill over and we are up and running on internet. They just didnt have the ethernet cord so we have to go buy one so that we can get vonage up and running, hopefully we will have it by tonight.
One of the med students is selling his rag top jeep and we contacted him to look at it as a possibility for our new vehicle.
I hope all is well with everyone and we miss you to peices allready. XOXOXOXO Chad and LuJean

LuJean Waters-Harris
University of Florida
Bar HW Ranch


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