Monday, January 5

Big Kid Night Out

Having a toddler at home, it is inevitable that Dane often gets more attention. Jackson is a loving and kind big brother, and is a huge help when Mommy needs a shower or someone to "keep and eye on your brother".

We often enjoy the benefits of a babysitter, like many young families but on Saturday night we asked Jackson if he wanted to go with Mommy and Justin for a big kid night out. His face lit up at the thought of just Dane staying with the babysitter, and he got to experience the seemingly illusive night out.

We took Jackson to dinner and a Movie. Marley and Me... rated PG. About 20 minutes into the movie, Justin literally dug the ticket stub out of his pocket to confirm the movie's rating. A few risque/sex-related scenes that were much too "adult" for, what I thought, a PG movie should include. The movie was awesome! No doubt a warm family movie, that really hit home for the 3 of us, we were all three crying. That was the other element that was a bit disturbing for Mommy. Should my 6 year old be crying in a movie? The ending was a little too heavy for my son, and he cried the whole way home about Marley. We explained to him that is was in fact important to love and care for all members of our family (it was also somewhat relieveing considering that we consider letting our puppy, Stella, run away on a daily basis... Aunt Weeble, disregard that comment :) and that it was only a movie after all.

What are movie rating based on? I have always considered PG appropriate for my 6 year old. What age do you think PG qualifies your kid for?

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The Newell Family said...

LOVE this post, L! I took my boys to see this, too. Austin was ok (being 12, he "got it") but there was one part when they were in bed, that even I felt a little uncomfortable. Now, Evan (I really thought he'd liked that Marley, a dog was the main character - so I took him) was just too young to understand. We sat through 1/2 of it in our chairs and the other 1/2 laying in the middle of the isle, shoes off, night night in hand, so - I was somewhat distracted. Ugh...I'm rambling....all in all, a GREAT movie, but more about relationships and family struggles than a "doggie movie" that my son(s) would enjoy. In many ways, the Newell home is a lot like them. Sometimes, we let the dogs run the household.....good or bad?

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