Tuesday, January 6

3 Costume Changes in One Day!

Those of you who know me, know I always dreamed of dancing on broadway! So 3 costume changes translates to mean I had a(scheduled but forfieted) Tennis match this morning, then off to the office, then to the Mom's vs. Sons Basketball game, then to a JLGWH Board meeting. My favorite part of this busy day was enjoying a little glimpse of my 6 year old's world. Tonight was the last of a 6 week basketball clinic that Jackson has enjoyed and Justin helped coach. He is a good little b-ball player and totally called me out for traveling! Looks like mom better be practicing a little more, perhaps a performance on the courts is my real calling, not the stage =) (pictured above is my girlfriend Wendy and her daughter. Our husbands were on the sidelines, video recorder in hand...you may want to check youtube to get the full experience of the game!)

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