Wednesday, January 21

The Graduate

We are so proud of our little Einstein who has already graduated... to a big boy bed that is! It is so hard to believe that Dane is officially too big for his crib. This was confirmed when we peaked in to check on our babbling toddler and spotted him, one legged hiked over the side of the crib! So, dad packed it away and brought down (from the attic) the toddler bed, handed down to Jackson, from Ethan (Cothren), and now to Dane, from Jackson. Lots of sweet dreams in this adorable and economic little bed! Now, of course, there is no containing him at night and he is completely free to move about the cabin. So here we go with the sleepless nights, just until he gets used to it I suppose. I did sew him this adorable comforter this weekend to custom fit his new (plastic) bed:-)


Blaine Morgan said...

We put the twins in toddler beds a couple of months ago. Now we find that most nights Ella leaves her bed to sleep with her brother Jack. It's adorable.

Leslie said...

That is so cute, Dane has been doing the same! They share a jack-n-jill type bathroom and he sneaks over, but usually starts playing with the toys! Too sweet, there is nothing more adorable then your kids loving and careing for each other!

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