Wednesday, January 21

Puppy Love?

The number of times per week that we threaten to get rid of our puppy are more than I care to admit. She chews - EVERYTHING - digs, destructs, barks, pees, vomits... yeah I could go on. And when I say chews, I mean like chews on metal, furniture and event brick. Have you seen Marley and Me?... meet Marley's worse nightmare... Stella. But... sighing, deep breath, we adopted Stella allowed the boys to hand pick her, cautioned them of the work sh would require and love and affection and they actually love and adore her and for the most part are very good about feedings, clean up, walks, etc. Plus, since mom is the lonely "queen" of the house, they agreed to let us get a girl puppy and mommy would pick out her name.
Now - this is the ironic part. Prepare yourself for what my princess, registered name: Stella Chanel Heimer, destroyed this time. **Warning**this may not be appropriate for children or fashion lovers and may contain inappropriate or disturbing images.

The only thing worse than Stella ruining my coveted signature-look discontinued (aka vintage!) Chanel's? Well nothing, let's be honest. But a close second was when she also made a chew-toy of my MIL's Fendi glasses last month during her visit. I was so embarassed I could've just died. What are we going to do with the crazy dog? Am I sending my children the wrong message if we do not "stick it out" and love her unconditionally? Will she ever grow out of this puppy stage?


twobigmansandashrimp said...

Leslie.. how are you going to get those fixed? You CAN NOT get another pair of glasses... those are you. I was wondering where those glasses were yesterday?!

Leslie said...

LOL - i know people in the grovery store keep asking if I cut my hair?? I may have to go with knock offs for now, until I save up enough for my next chanel investment. Ugh... devil dog!

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