Wednesday, April 8

And it comes to life

By popular demand, I am finally posting the bridal progression pics. Tonight was Meggie's second fitting appointment, and we are down to the finishing touches. I think she is really pleased with how it is coming together. I must say, I am as well. She is such a gorgeous - supermodel type, that I almost want to hate her. Yet, she is just so adorable and a Junior Leaguer to boot, I just can't (which is really frustrating! LOL)
Here are some snaps of the dress, taking on a life, of it's own. Starting then until now.
Her classic Savannah-Chapel wedding, with a touch of Meggie spunk, is well defined in this gown, that she knew, was the "one".

My Beautiful Bride! in the making

The fit is perfect! The top... yeah, a little reconstructive surgery is necessary - on the silk that is

pinning up the train. A nip and tuck and we will have the perfect length!

Putting it all together for the next fitting. I was a little worried about the plunging neckline. While this was part of our design, I anticipated a small reconstructive cosmetic surgery on "her" chest. (at this stage in the design, I began to refer to the dress as it's own soul - Justin assures me that I do this with all of the fabrics I train, create, shape and love)

The bottom peice is a slight A-line/bubble-skirt, with pockets!... which I think is just sooo clever! Who couldn't use an extra pocket on your wedding day!? Extra storage for lipgloss, the fat check from Daddy Warbucks, the hankie from great grandma B, or at least that little black book for a some late night torching!! ... opps did I say that out loud? ...yeah the pockets are cool!

My creative space ... I'll be here a while!

The top was a challenge, the petal-like triangles must be "JUST SO" so my Bride doesn't "JUST SHOW" too much!


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