Thursday, April 16

Island Paradise - Our Caymanian Retreat

My BFF - i miss her sooo much. To the moon Weeb!

A simple low calorie margarita with no salt, extra lime, and only a splash of Patron doesn't seem that difficult right? Well the skinny margarita wasn't at all what I ordered, and the currency index exchange didn't help Justin's reaction once we got the bill. 4 Margaritas and (albiet super stacked) nachos = $80.00 USD You cannot be a lush and live on GC!!!

Margaritaville also had a kids waterslide which made this almost perfect. Until I asked if they knew how to make a skinny girl margarita- hee hee

My 1st grader continues to work toward his goal of 100 AR points, by the end of the year. He recently read a book entitled More Pies, a story about including a pie eating contest. He has been affixated about having a a similar contest which is all he wanted for his birthday (go figure, the boy has my sweet tooth). Well, for his birthday... you guessed it! Aunt Weeble thinks of everything!

My brother (IL) is such a character. Anyone that spends any amount of time with my sister and Chad become totally sucked into their hillarious antics. "Chet" as Luder calls him, is full of useless knowledge and is all about the "hows" and "whys" (they are addicted to animal palnet, if that tells you anything). On our simple shallow reef excursion Chet insisted we practice "safety first" and wouldn't let us head out without our flag. Of course, my lax sister lost the blow up fla - but not to worry, Chad found it 2 miles up the ocean shore after taking us slightly off road.

no we weren't photoshopped in - This is truly postcard perfect, Rum Point. A picnic in paradise...although in MY paradise, the mudslides wouldn't cost $18 each - i should've gotten fogone the ice-

This iguana was totally freaking me out - The pet loving owner almost saw me sling that thing across the park when he put it on my shoulder (I was trying to be a brave cool boy mom) - but I held it together so the Cayman version of PITA didn't take me to the underground prison!

What an amazing time we had at the Cayman Islands last weekend on our getaway to Paradise. My sister and I are efficient organizers and are all about making the most of each experience. Every family vacation or trip we take we research and investigate before the trip to compose the perfect itinerary that everyone gets a copy of. No time is wasting on the "what are we doing for dinner" or "what do i need to pack" issues. LuJean outdid herself this time, as I am certain that a typical tourist spends weeks on the island without experiencing all the site, sounds, and fun that we did in 3 short days!! Parasailing, water trampoline, 3 foot tall nachos (my boys LOVE nachos!), pirate caves, shopping, rum point, fresh wahoo, snorkeling the most grogeous reefs in the Carribean sea and we even played in a real live blow hole! I can't remember the last time our family had such a carefree and enjoyable vacation, it truly was paradise. Did I mention she even organized a suprise birthday party on the beach for Jackson and all her vet school friends came to suprise him.

My sister and Chad are totally Caymanians now, living on island time (somewhat. She drives like a maniac on the wrong side of the road, and Chad's beard and now very tan skin made it difficult to set him apart from the rastafarians on the beach. I just remembered, we swam with stingrays in sting ray city and colored eggs and hid them in the trees with the iguanas. Did I mention that our flight arrived at 3 on Thurs, we are talking 48 hours people, I'm still recovering and so is/are my sunburned skin!

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