Wednesday, April 29

Dad for Dad

In my dear husband's absence we are doing our best to keep all the balls in the air. My Dad (a.k.a Daddy, father of two girls) offered to stay with his grown daughter and grandsons to help with meetings, baseball, dinner, school, housework, etc... but most of all because his baby girl gets scared at night (alarm, safe neighborhood: I know, silly right). While admittedly I was a bit hesitant (part of me was relieved to not have to answer to anyone or cook dinner at night!) what a blessing he has been! Not only does a good night's sleep do wonders for the body, having an extra set of "hands on deck" is priceless. One of the many things I get from my father, is his work ethic. Over the years extreme schedules have prohibited both him and I from spending as much time as we would like with the boys. Needless to say, God does work in mysterious ways. Example: The Brighthouse guy came to the door to install our new house phone (we caved and Justin had one installed when he left as a precaution - sorry inlaws and outlaws, the number is still on protected list!) and Dane attacked his leg with a hug, as he slightly resembled Poppa Duke. "Poppa Duke" - well, my dad's icon since I was little has been John Wayne, a.k.a "The Duke". Even before I had children he knew this is what they would call him. We love John Wayne - have ya seen True Grit - yeah - you can see why! Well, our own Duke has been a blessing to his oldest daughter, sometimes, you just need Daddy.

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