Wednesday, April 29

Talkin' Trash

Hug your husbands/partners/roommates a little tighter. So many things are taken for granted! Number 1 would certainly be the household budget and bills. Justin has always handled this. Because I do this for a living, I simply refuse to deal with the mail, bills, and overall household finances. I just can't look at numbers at the end of the day and my husband is much more organized than I am (don't tell any of my clients :-)!

Number 2 is small but significant. Do the trash guys really expect me to separate the recyclables from the yard trash each week? Wow- taking the trash to the road before dawn is a task I never scheduled in! So after 2 missed garbage pick up days... we (i.e. Jackson) finally accomplished the important task of taking the trash to the road! We are so proud!

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