Saturday, April 18

Garden Club Fundraiser - and Girl Time

Because things happened with the new job a little faster than we anticipated, Justin could not attend last night's event for which we purchased tickets more than a month ago. However, I was thrilled that my second-best date could! Wendy and I enjoyed a little girl time and a fabulous event at the Planter's Club Fundraiser. After answering a million questions and practicing some rumor control to the repeated "Are you guys moving?" question, and concluding that Mexico was indeed our favorite of the international cusine at the so themed event, Wendy and I stopped by Lake Region for a night cap. When I pulled into my/our VIP reserved parking spot, I was horrified when my headlights revealed that Justin's name was no longer on the Men's Club Champ sign. Not to worry, it had only fallen in the shrubs probably during the storm. We quickly recovered it no doubt :-)

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