Saturday, April 18

The Heimers will be summering!

The view of the first hole, overlooking Breton Bay Golf and Counrty Club

Fabulous? yes. Pre-meditated? only partially. My husband's family all live in Maryland, and over the years, we have always hoped to spend the summers there. We hoped to buy a little vacation home on Chesapeake Bay and let the boys enjoy the gorgeous area where my husband grew up. With a tightening economy, Justin was recently offered an opportunity that we just couldn't pass up. To turn pro and work toward his PGA credentials at Breton Bay Golf and Country Club and giving private lessons, only during the "season". Of course golf up North isn't so popular during the winter months, so the opportunity was a perfectly suited! We are excited about a relaxing and rejuvenating summer and have begun to make plans to "go North" after Jackson is out of school. The downside is that the job begins right away so we will be apart for a few weeks. :(

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