Wednesday, April 8

Welcoming a new wife

While I do love the HBO hit, Big Love, this is a little refers to a little different relationship. This weekend we celebrated Tuga's (a.k.a Jackson's) Dad and Allison's elegant wedding, on Clearwater Beach. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful new wife-in-law.
Because I recognize that a wedding gift from the former wife isn't listed in Hallmark's gift guide, I dug deep and took a homemade, sincere approach. A photo alblum of Jackson's birth (only Eric cutting the cord and a little swaddling - nothing crazy or too National Geographic) and his first years. My note read "Here is the early years that every mom must recall, I look forward to the future, raising our Tuga together." She is truly the exact (other) mom I would pick out for Jackson. We've had a strict rule in our home(s) for years, not to use that odd word, with a bad stigma - a.k.a "step"-mother/father/brother/etc. Jackson knows that he is all the more loved with four parents, that adore him so. Dual parenting or blended families are not easy - but the last time I checked no type of parenting was. Congrats Eric and Alley Galley!!!! LOL

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