Friday, April 3

What's your Super Power?

Americans everywhere feel the crunch of the economy. I've often written on my mortgage blog) about how UNrewarding my job is lately. Always having enjoyed my career, it seems my days now consist of difficult and frustrating phone calls to borrower's that can't qualify due to job layoffs or homes that don't make the appraisal cut. I have always had (what some would call) a problem getting emotionally attached to my clients. This is true of all my team who've also recently experienced diminishing job satisfaction. We have lost sleep, shed tears, and felt helpless as loan applicants' financial or living circumstances, we cannot improve. That said, I do feel so fortunate, to have such a great team and work family- they truly are the reason for Premier's success over all these years.
Of course my family too is feeling the crunch of a struggling mortgage business and difficult economy. But in the wise words of the legendary iconic George, George Michael that is, "you gotta have FAITH..."
Faith in God. If not for this, I too would pull the covers over my head somedays or utilize other crutches and coping mechanisms (ok, I may be guilty of an occaisional coping mechanism- a different kind of spirit), there is nothing like the security of knowing that there is someone else in control. "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ" PHILLIPPIANS 4:19

This book has been so enlightening for me and is an easy read. With currently relevant chapters, I have re-read each one. Addressing those real-life challenges such as finances, temptation, trials and fears, it's like a guide book for commiting your mental focus to your partner's well being. Praying for your spouse is truly the most selfless and empowering gift you can give to your family.
And yes, (Justin may kill me for writing this on my blog) I have often caught him reading (the book I so generously bought for him :-) in his "special reading nook" where he admits to doing his best thinking (ladies, I'm sure you know where this place is).

"Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved." PSALM 55:22

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