Monday, April 18

Tis the Season (Spring, that is)

Some may mark Spring's arrival with the warmth of the sun or the blooming tulips.  In my line of work, it is more defined by all the great EVENTS!  It certainly tis the season.  Lately there have been a whilwind of appearances (hee-hee, as if) and events for Team Heimer...

Hi, have you met my friend John Glenn?  That's right the husband and I enjoyed an evening and dinner with the former Senator and Astronaut legend.  I was very impressed with my Father in Law's vintage button from a celebration event he attended in 1962 when Senator Glenn returned from his first orbit around the earth.  Our accessory was quite the conversation piece!

The legendary Tiki Bar Opening at Soloman's Island Pier is THE place to see and be seen! Live streaming video of the event, a crowd of over 10,000, police baracades, and rumored appearances by "the situation" I was not going to miss the opening again this year. I made a last minute decision and left work a little early on Friday to head over the bridge to the premier event of the season!  You can see from these shots that I was in Friday casual work wear, instead of my "clubbin' clothes" (do I still really have any of those? haha)

The 16th Annual Hospice Run is a milestone spring-time event in our area.  The event typically draws a crowd of more than a thousand energetic participants and this is the first 5k that I have actually participated in with both kids and stroller in tow.  Needless to say, I was a walker...though I am confused about the "fun" in walk.  With hurricane-force winds, freezing cold rain, and a stroller packed with enough gear for 10 kids, let's just say I will not be doing that again.  But. We. Did. Finish.  In under an hour, in the rain, with our gear, and with only one in tears (that was mommy).  Maybe the Mai Tai's the night before had something to do with it?

Insert 9 Year Old Overnight Birthday Party here. 12 third graders, 4 adults, and one heck of a thunder storm kept the boys indoors (despite our all-stars sports party).  Our Referee and Coach (a.k.a dad) kept the party going with Wii Sports Home Run Derby and Xbox Kinect, in our downstairs basement.  The next morning was sunny and warm and we commenced the water balloon fight before breakfast!

 Sunday was the first truly warm Spring day and we were eager to get out of the house (I just couldn't stay inside cleaning on such a gorgeous day...despite the mess of the all-nighter). We enjoyed the sites and learning adventures of Earth Day on the square featuring kayaking on the wharf in Leonardtown. We made our first plant purchase of the season, and learned about wind energy, resource conservation, where free range organic eggs are "made".

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