Wednesday, September 21

Geek Chic

I just love ties! Yes, even for women. The patterns are great and it is nothing more than an alternate accessory [much like a scarf] that adds a little interest.  

Tip: the classic Windsor Knot is easiest [for me] to tie before I put it on!

After an intense and exciting 2 day leadership retreat, I was officially dubbed the chic geek.  A geek I am, especially when it comes to exploring personalities, human nature, leadership development, community involvement, and the common good. I have taken the Myers Briggs a number of times over the years and still my 4 letter personality combination is the same ENFP.  

Do you know your personality type? Understanding yourself and those that you collaborate with, whether it be for work, volunteering, or even family, increases communication effectiveness and project efficiency.  I would venture to say  that most Public Relations Professionals are dorks in the study of human nature.  What is your personality type? 


Leslie said...

I wear ties all the time!  Sometimes, I get strange looks, but whatever.  I always think that the menswear look on females is really attractive. @GlamKitten88 

Leslie said...

My husband is a big fan of the windsor knot :-) Well done!

Leslie said...

I've been wanting to wear a tie for sometime now! I really love how you mix patterns with yours, very chic!

Leslie said...

thanks Marie!  I now see ties in a different way!

Leslie said...

mine too!  I would love to learn the double windsor!

Leslie said...

I love everything about this outfit! Your glasses are adorable, the polka dots are perfect, and a tie?! I LOVE women wearing ties, and thanks for letting us know how to tie one because I had absolutely no idea how to do it. Thanks!

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